Ramsey Massage, LLC

    Adrienne Ramsey, M.H.A., LMT
    For A Better You!

Customer Testimonials

"Adrienne is awesome!!! She explains everything and any questions that you may have. Her massages are so relaxing. Thanks Adrienne!!!"

- Shawntel G


" Adrienne has set all my fears to rest. She is causing this old body to feel free and loose again. You know, not so up-tight. (smile) Adrienne certainly knows what she is doing. I've had two massages and both were with her. I've schedule more, because I feel that she is helping me. I'll keep coming back. Thank you so much, Adrienne."

- Sylvia Hennighan


" All i can say is WOW, i can't believe it took me this long to come and see you. Very relaxing and I know I gave her alot to work with. Thanks and can't wait til my next one. Thanks again Adrienne."

- Tamiko Mccalister